About Davide

Davide Patti pattibiomed

My name is Davide Patti. I am a scientist at heart, a researcher & a wounded healer currently focusing on solving medical problems.

What I do: I do independent basic and clinical research. I also create educational material. The main goal of this website is to collect and organise my work and to act as a point of contact. My ultimate goal is to reduce the incidence and improve the care of cases of modern chronic diseases.

My health journey: I developed an irritable bowel (IBS) in my first year at university in 2007. It took me 2 years of investigation and therapeutic approaches to understand and fix it. 7 years later I developed 3 autoimmune diseases and fibromyalgia. I have substantially reduced the disease activity through learning a science centered medicine full time, working with functional medicine practitioners and dieticians, and implementing many experiments/therapies. As of July 2017 my main focus is understanding and solving PSC: Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

My past: Born in 88, I grew up in Ticino, Switzerland, in a house by the lake together with my parents, a sister and a brother. I have a MSc in Chemistry from the University of Zürich, worked for Novartis Pharma in Switzerland, as a freelance web programmer and as a senior consultant for banks in London, UK, Guernsey and Zürich/St. Gallen, CH. I have lived in different countries (Ascona, CH: 18y, greater Zürich area, CH: 7-8y, Basel: 1.5y, Spain: 1-2y, London: 1y, USA: 7-8m, Guernsey/Jersey: 6m, Colombia + Pakistan + EU + ROW: 6m). I speak several languages and have earned several certifications during my career (GMP, Avaloq, Finance,..). The majority of the members of my family members within 2 generations is/was affected by chronic disease.