DIY FMT Equipment

Checklist (for a 12 day treatment):

Soft floor (e.g. yoga mat)

 Ventilated area with working surface to prepare FMT solution

 1 cushion and dark small towel

 1 medium size sieve

 1 large glass jar for saline solution

 2.5 L distilled water and sea salt

 1 Pyrex/plexiglass measuring container

 1 enema bulb (min 2 dL capacity)

 1 plastic container to contain spill

 Hydrogen peroxide or alcohol solution

 Virgin olive or coconut oil

 Cleaning tissues

 24 zip-lock bags 1L (12 for the donor)

 12 non-transparent tupperware boxes (for the donor)

 12 x 30cm/1ft catheters

 12 pairs of latex gloves

 12 disposable plastic spoons

 12 trash bags