Note: I am not a medical doctor. I am a scientist and I practice a science centered medicine, which I learnt mainly through solving my own medical issues. This is the reason why  

This service is for you if you have unanswered questions, uncertainties or difficulties regarding FMT, in particular if you are interested in working with us for your FMT or questions regarding autoimmune or functional health challenges.

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  1. After completing the purchase book a slot here: The appointment will be confirmed.
  2. You can send me your questions and documentation in advance.
  3. I will call you via phone or skype at the scheduled time.

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I am no longer offering FMT services, I lost interest in the therapy due to the eventual positive effect being almost always short termed. FMT represents an option for certain conditions, e.g C. Difficile or other antibiotic resistant infections; conditions I am not involved with nor approached about. Regarding chronic conditions: We have inductively learnt the microbiota is a proxy and a consequence of environmental factors and not the cause, we clearly cannot just transplant a microbiota. I continue to offer consultations only. Dismiss