FMT sample Documents (Agreement + Questionnaire + Testing)

FMT sample Documents (Agreement + Questionnaire + Testing)


The set contains all the paperwork (4 pages) you need to find and bind a healthy donor. It contains both a .pdf and an editable .docx (with comments) version:

  • The donor-recipient agreement: An agreement laying out the “rules of the game”.
  • The donor questionnaire: A list of exclusion criteria I have put together which will increase the chances of testing an actual healthy candidate, and so help you save money avoiding testing multiple candidates.
  • The donor blood and stool testing: A list of cost efficient and effective blood and stool biomarkers.

The questionnaire and the testing are very well researched, cost efficient and extensively field tested by myself. I recommend you watch my detailed video guide on DIY FMT to optimally use these documents.

I am no longer offering FMT services, I lost interest in the therapy due to the eventual positive effect being almost always short termed. FMT represents an option for certain conditions, e.g C. Difficile or other antibiotic resistant infections; conditions I am not involved with nor approached about. Regarding chronic conditions: We have inductively learnt the microbiota is a proxy and a consequence of environmental factors and not the cause, we clearly cannot just transplant a microbiota. I continue to offer consultations only. Dismiss