Scientists who practice a science centered medicine and  give educated opinions, we do not practice any specific approach rather focus on an eventual intestinal dysbiosis and its modulation.

Consulting areas:

  • 1 on 1 conversations to understand and follow your situation (functional and autoimmune challenges) 
  • Deciding and organizing relevant testing
  • Research and formulating ideas to address an identified dysbiosis
  • Helping source or create specific material [probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics (e.g. FMT, fermented foods)]
  • FMT related questions and assistance

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Come to Barcelona, Spain or Ticino, Switzerland for your FMT treatment

Sample documents for your DIY FMT (40 EUR / ~44 USD)

  • Field tested set of documents to jump start your DIY FMT: Includes donor-recipient agreement, health questionnaire and testing recommendations (PDF + DOCX file with comments)
  • See details here

FMT Donor Stool Tests (Europe only, from 95 Eur to 370 Eur)


SIBO Breath Tests (worldwide, from 149 EUR, use coupon code)

16s rRNA microbiome analysis

  • We recommend thryve
  • Buy a Thryve kit from in our shop here, 149 Eur incl shipping. Shipping from germany.
  • Or buy from Thryve directly, shipping from the USA. Get a discount click on and use coupon code “4u” at checkout

FMT Donor Stool Tests (Europe only, from 95 Eur to 370 Eur)

  • 3 options, depending on detail level + ubiome explorer
  • Only within the EU
  • See details here

Additional Testing on demand

  • Lab tests: Great prices for major markers in stool, blood, serum, urine, saliva
  • Specialized testing for antigens, intestinal permeability, cytokines, ecc
  • List of markers and prices: