Scientists who practice a science centered medicine and  give educated opinions, we do not practice any specific approach rather focus on an eventual intestinal dysbiosis and its modulation.

Consulting (30 Eur every 15 Minutes), areas:

  • 1 on 1 conversations to understand and follow your situation (functional and autoimmune challenges) 
  • Deciding and organizing relevant testing
  • Research and formulating ideas to address an identified dysbiosis
  • Helping source or create specific material [probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics (e.g. FMT, fermented foods)]
  • FMT related questions and assistance

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Come to Barcelona, Spain or Ticino, Switzerland for your FMT treatment

Sample documents for your DIY FMT (40 EUR / ~44 USD)

  • Field tested set of documents to jump start your DIY FMT: Includes donor-recipient agreement, health questionnaire and testing recommendations (PDF + DOCX file with comments).
  • See details here.

FMT Donor Stool Tests (Europe only, from 95 Eur to 370 Eur)


SIBO Breath Tests (worldwide, 130 EUR, use coupon code)

FMT Donor Stool Tests (Europe only, from 95 Eur to 370 Eur)

Additional Testing on demand

  • 16s rRNA stool tests, intestinal wall leakyness, PCR stool testing, cultures, ecc.
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