Consultation about FMT (30 min)


Note: I am not a medical doctor. I practice a science centered medicine, which I learnt mainly through solving my own medical issues. This is the reason why I currently only focus and consult on cases of: IBS/Fibromyalgia/CFS/Autoimmune diseases or the use of DIY Fecal Microbiota Transplant. I have researched the science behind FMT as well as put a lot of work into optimizing the practice for myself and also helping others. As a result I have created a free educational video and what I consider a cost efficient and thorough paperwork (patient donor agreement, health questionnaire and testing panels) which can be downloaded here.

This service is for you if you have unanswered questions, uncertainties or difficulties regarding FMT or if you are interested in working with us for your FMT.

Next Steps:

  1. After completing the purchase book a slot here: The appointment will be confirmed
  2. You can send your questions and eventual reports in advance
  3. We have a video call where I’ll do my best to answer your questions (30 min)