Donor Access for your DIY FMT

We do not generally recommend DIY FMT. We share access to a tested donor with a balanced flora rich in probiotic bacteria with selected individuals with limited financial capacity who have already decided to do FMT in a DIY setting.

  • Support in Barcelona, ES (350 Eur + 110 Eur per fecal sample), includes:
    • Initial consultation
    • Access to our video guide for making your DIY FMT safer and easier, information about where you can buy materials, how to prepare and transport samples and how to administer them.
    • Access to a tested and profiled donor as per our requirements and with a positive track record.
    • Unprocessed fresh stool samples are delivered directly to your stay in Barcelona (110 Eur per sample including delivery) maximum 2.5 hours after its collection. One sample usually suffices to create 2 samples for enema use.

Donor profile:

  • Active working male donor in his late twenties, lives in a clean area outside Barcelona city. Responsible and reliable.
  • Tested every 3 months according to our requirements, except for antibiotics resistant strains.
  • Mediterranean diet. Available to follow a low/no gluten diet during donations.
  • Markers of a higher quality donor: Low levels of parasitic DNA, healthy normal sIgA levels, Stool consistency consistently 2 or 3 on the Bristol Stool Scale, no noticeable overgrowth of specific Bacteria, high levels of Bifidobacteria.