FMT Service in Barcelona, Spain

I personally think FMT should be a last resort treatment. Despite this, I have experienced the power of FMT and I am a believer in the therapy and would like to contribute to a reality where FMT becomes an accessible, affordable, safe and more controlled therapy.

The therapy is also available to be done in Switzerland.

  • Process steps:
    1. Contact with pattibiomed to discuss your requirements: Dates, duration, preparation, donor selection (also potentially comparing client’s stool test results with donors’ stool test results), ecc.
    2. Agreement signed between the client and us in Barcelona. A copy of the donor’s analysis is provided to the client.
    3. Optional stool tests and initial colon hydrotherapy session can be arranged to be done in Barcelona.
    4. Samples are provided to the client and an infusion via enema can possibly be performed by a colon hydro therapist upon client request.
  • Important information:
    • We offer you access to our donors living in and around Barcelona. Our donors are young healthy, disciplined and fully tested males; See our standards.
    • FMT is currently considered an experimental therapy. A mandatory consultation is required prior to coming to Barcelona to verify conditions are understood by the client and that our offer can be useful to the client.
    • The price per sample fluctuates between 120 and 300 Eur.
    • It is possible to rationally select one or multiple donor(s) by comparing a client’s stool analysis with our donor database.
    • Using fresh fecal samples carries health risks you will be informed about in the initial consultation and prior to starting treatment.
    • Offering fresh fecal samples carries operational risks, e.g. if the donor becomes ill or has an exceptionally busy day no fresh stool sample might be available.
    • Optional stool testing possibilities offered to the visitor:
      • Thryve RNA microbiome sequencing
      • Teletest PCR quantitative and qualitative microbiome sequencing + SCFA profile
      • SIBO CO2/H2 breath test

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